Tellus Solutions is known for providing easy to implement support services for start-up and investment opportunities, however the driving force behind Tellus is andrew2our Principal Consultant Andrew O’Dua.  Andrew works tirelessly to support the businesses he works with, as well as balancing a happy family life, so we thought we would give you an opportunity to meet the man behind the investments.

Andrew O’Dua started his career in Property Investment and IT, however soon realised his talent for spotting opportunities in the market. This led him to launch a specialist sales and marketing enterprise. Andrew was involved in every aspect of the business and his hard work and dedication meant he grew his business from the ground up into a very successful business model – leading to a high profile acquisition by a major PLC. This success enabled Andrew to make his move into the Business Angel space.

As a Business Angel, Andrew O’Dua has been given the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses and be a part of some exciting new ventures. When Andrew launched Tellus Solutions in 2013, he wanted to use his knowledge and skills he had developed over the years to help start-ups and established businesses with practical advice and to personally work with them to help them achieve high level growth.

Aside from being a Business Angel, Andrew O’Dua is also a firm believer in family. Being married with children, Andrew understands the importance of family and spends as much time as he possibly can with them. When Andrew’s not busy working, or spending time with his family, Andrew is a classic and sports car enthusiast and attends numerous car events to raise money for charity throughout the year. In addition, Andrew also has a love for nature, the outdoors and health and wellbeing. From family forest walks, to picking fresh fruit and vegetables in his garden, harvesting fresh eggs from his own chickens and championing all things healthy living, Andrew’s interests go way beyond the boardroom.

To learn more about Andrew O’Dua, visit his website where you can learn some great hints and tips for your business, as well as keep up to date with his latest ventures.